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John2290 said:
Aeolus451 said:
That's your opinion. He only allowed strikes on targets related to chemical weapons and didn't attack any russians. I never voted for him so the US would become a hermit nation. I voted for him on several issues. Most nations consider the usage of chemical weapons to be a red line. The US has to remain a global player.

What chemical attacks? There was and still is no confirmation, it's all suspected. Why would they use chemical weapons when they'd already won? If there was a chemical attack last weekend Teresa May would have been the first to show the proof when announcing to the UK. Precision strikes are not fucking precise, even today. This is nothing more than a show to Russia. Don't believe the shite that this is a one time deal, Trumps composure with not one falter and no congress approval, it's all to obvious. This is an act of war against Russia plain and simple. Gritting my teeth while I wait for Russia's response. 


John2290 said:
Machina said:

Hopefully it's just like last time - a one-off set of targeted strikes to appease the warmongers.

I'm leaning towards thinking the alleged gas attack was a set up job because Assad was close to winning the war and Trump was about to end all American involvement, but I honestly don't know.

Even if definitively proved it was Assad I'd still oppose my country's intervention - it's simply not in our national interest to get involved and I'm sick of us spending a small fortune in money and lives getting involved in these Middle Eastern wars that have no 'good guys'. We just help turn these countries and their conflicts into even bigger messes than they already are - and for what? So our political class can preen themselves on the world stage? It pisses me off.

Exactly this, why would they use chemical weapons when they already had control. It's a very thinly veiled lie. Perhaps, it is a once off strike, a show before Russia get in to deep. dammit, I hope so. This would make sense.


John2290 said:
Aeolus451 said:

Since they delayed any action while they were verifying it all then they suddenly strike buildings only related to chemical weapons, what does that tell you? Stop blowing this stuff out of proportion and think calmly. It's not WW3 or the end of the world.

I'm not saying it's WW3 but I can't take CNN or any of these media outlets at their supposed knowledge that Russia was informed before the attack, Trump or May would have said so up front. If Russia are saying they were informed, then I need confirmation out of the White house that that's the case. Some time needs to pass and the misinformation needs to be filtered, indeed but the whole situation is far too fishy if not it has been handled in the worst possible manner imaginable. 

You forgot to photoshop a tin foil hat on Geralt.

Also people not to stop worrying about a "conflict" between Russia and Usa, if there ever will be one Russia dies in 2 seconds. People need to learn Russia is a weak country now where theirs GDP is lower than Italy's.

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