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Snoorlax said:

Trump just spit in the face of everyone who believed in him.

He said voting for Hillary would mean WW3 now we're witnessing the beginning of WW3 and the end of Donald Trump. It seems like he was a leftist all along. apparently he supports ISIS who was funded by Obama. USA will surrender to globalism and will end up becoming a socialist heaven. I don't support communism but it seems like the Russians are the good guys here what a shame.

When looking at past events like the proxy wars in Vietnam or Russia's invasion of Afghanistan, the air-dropped supplies into west Berlin after it was cut off, the Cuban Missile Crisis/Bay of Pigs fiasco, or just the Cold War in general... it's pretty darn hasty to say that THIS will be what triggers WW3. It's certainly sketchy, but we've been through worse.

One thing to consider is that Russia is far weaker than most seem to realize and doesn't compare to the super power that was the USSR. Their economy has crumbled, they're under crippling sanctions, their relations with China have chilled, and really they are about as isolated diplomatically as they've been in many decades.

They still have a powerful military and navy, but their GDP has dropped from $2.2 trillion in 2013 to under $1.5 trillion today, and in nearly every meaningful way now sports an economy weaker than Canada (which is not to insult Canada which has something like 1/5 the population and isn't trying to sustain an enormous military and navy). The real question is whether they could deliver a non-nuclear knock out punch early, as they would not be able to sustain a prolonged war unless it remained localized.

Right now what we're seeing is a bunch of posturing and bluffing from those involved... it may look unfamiliar to us, but that's because it's not something we've really had to deal with since the Cold War where such things were a daily occurrence. The truth is no nation (outside of perhaps a neutral China sitting back and watching) would benefit from such a war, and so they're instead playing a game of chicken. Putin may be an asshole but he's not stupid, and I imagine he'll do his damndest to win this standoff without actually committing to a full-scale war, even if it involves some proxy attacks.