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Trump just spit in the face of everyone who believed in him.

He said voting for Hillary would mean WW3 now we're witnessing the beginning of WW3 and the end of Donald Trump. It seems like he was a leftist all along. apparently he supports ISIS who was funded by Obama. USA will surrender to globalism and will end up becoming a socialist heaven. I don't support communism but it seems like the Russians are the good guys here what a shame.

Edit: This thread is not about Hitler.

Today we are one week later after the Syria airstrikes and there is still no evidence of Assad using chemical weapons on Douma, instead the media has decided to ignore it all together and make you forget about any evidence that justifies the airstrikes. Officials are blocked from investigating the supposed Chemical attack site which only proves that it was staged yet we're supposed to believe that Trump doesn't know this.

Last edited by Snoorlax - on 20 April 2018