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EricHiggin said:
You can already see this happening with Star Wars, so it wouldn't be a surprise if it bled into X-Men as well.

The more control a mega corporation has over media, or anything really, the more likely it will be watered down to appeal to a grander audience, leading to higher profits overall.

Personally, I would be much more worried about Bayer buying Monsanto for 60B just recently. A monopoly in terms of media is one thing, but when it comes to food/agriculture, that's something to really be concerned about.

Purchases of this magnitude are not done for the people, they are done for the bottom line. Part of the reason these huge buyouts or mergers are happening as of late, is actually due to the stock market. It was out of control for years before Trump got into office. Now it's operating much more smoothly, and only gaining little by little, like it's supposed to. Since these mega corps can't grow their stocks near as much because of this, their next best choice is acquisition, especially if it's the competition.

Bayer is the company that produced Zyklon B to kill the jews. lol


I really hate that company 


yes I get your point, these kind of decisions are basically "i want to sell my stock while its worth a lot instead of waiting for slow dividends" it will only benefit the share holders and the higher ups


this will 100% not be good for employees. as companies mege, less employees are needed because some parts will completely combine like HR and what not 


CBS is also going to acquire Viacom. big snake eat small snake is the name of the game 

Last edited by MasterThief - on 10 April 2018