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this is old news. but I just heard that it was confirmed myself. for me this is really bad

Disney already in my opinion owns a very large chunk of popular property in entertainment, obviously you have the unrivaled animation (Pixar and Disney's own backlog) and you have Marvel Cinematic Universe in which very quickly has become just as big as every other superhero-comic based entertainment combined (X-men and DCU) probably bigger


with the deal they will own x-men and pretty much the third biggest collection of entertainment property behind time warner or NBC universal


I don't like this from two different points. the first one , I really don't want everything to be made into a family friendly extendable franchise. am ok with it being on MCU, I don't watch star wars so I don't care about that but I know they do it there. 

I don't want to see X-men become as mild as MCU because thats awful to even think about. or any of the property else they are getting. we're talking TMNT and 300 tv channels


the other point which is bigger is the fact that they will own like 50% or not more of all of the popular media out there. many tv channels, most movie channels, most cartoon channels and most IPs. they will compete with themselves. this is just not good for anyone but themselves. basically a monopoly (just because there is other competition doesn't mean its ok to become vastly massive compared to them, again just because they exist).



what do you think?