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John2290 said:
VGPolyglot said:

It's not a time-wasting nostalgia trip, you know that I can play 5th-gen early 3D games just fine? PS3 games haven't aged as poorly as you'd like to believe, the 6th gen and the twin-stick controls essentially paved the way for modern console gaming. If Sony truly thought their PS3 games were shit we wouldn't have GoW3 Remastered, Nathan Drake Collection, Last of Us Remastered, etc.

I can play NES games just fine but it doesn't mean I'm going to have a good time replaying them. I'm not talking about PS3 games in general but ps1-ps3. Anyway, if you wanna play ps3 games but a ps3 or subscribe to PSnow, don't ask the rest of us to have to pay for emulation tech we don't need or devs wasting time on old games. Embrace the new and the remasters. Sony know the value of gamers time and are making by far the correct decisions towards BC.

Pay for emulation tech? Why would you have to do that? You already have a PS4.