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So guys, I just upgraded my PS4 external hard drive from my 2TB to a 4TB, and with that I moved my 2TB one to the Xbox One. Well, guess what? With all that newfound space on my Xbox One, I decided that I may as well also install my Xbox and Xbox 360 games that were backwards compatible. I believe that it ended up with around 29 games (2 OG Xbox and 27 360), and man it just makes things so much more convenient!

My PS3, unlike all of my other consoles, is upstairs in the living room. What that means essentially is that I do not have the same access to it as I do with my other consoles. So, the only time I can really use it is when my parents are gone (since they don't really like me using the living room TV while they're around ). So it'd just be so much more practical if Sony did what Microsoft did and allowed PS3 backwards compatibility. Now, PS1 and PS2 would be nice as well, but I'm not holding my breath for that so I think the PS3 is a nice short-term goal. In any case, I have like 150+ PS3 games that I don't really have the most ideal solution to play, and if it has the same percentage of compatibility that the 360 has at the moment that'd give me around 70 or so games to play! Sony really should just swallow their pride and allow for backwards compatibility, it may be a pain in the ass for them, sure, but it's not like it's unfeasible considering that the Xbox One is able to do it.

Guys, I know we've had this discussion pretty frequently on here, but do you agree? I just really wanted to bring it up again considering my renewed interest in the idea.