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dx11332sega said:

I'd watch the whole video but wow Xbox One X makes Xbox One S look like a 360 game 



Not really.

Xen said:
Ah? The only difference I see is that the X is a lot sharper.

It is certainly the single largest improvement... Which has a flow-on effect to texture and shadowing clarity and reduces aliasing artifacts.

Lighting got a fairly big boost... But ultimately it's hard to discern details on compressed video streams, even on my 1440P display with the video set to 4k.

Otherwise it is ultimately the same game. - Is it worth spending $350 AUD to upgrade from an Xbox One to the Xbox One X? Well. That is ultimately up to the individual... But last generation console gamers really didn't give a crap about similar improvements on the PC and continued to claim how "amazing" their console games looked. ;)


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