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Eagle367 said:
The dates on most food is bs anyways. Best before is just nonsense. The only thing where the actual expiry is of concern is on medicine. Other than that you could probably eat biscuits that were "expired" a month before and get and get away with it. I remember watching something that said the actual reason for best before is that people throw away the things they brought if it goes past that date and buy more so more profit. Its a science in how to manipulate people. The only real way to tell if food is bad if you can visibly see that it's bad or smell that it's bad or taste that it's bad. That's why most food looks and tastes fine after the best before date. All you have to do is keep the food in a collection and dry place because dampness and heat are the two biggest factors for spoilage. Yeah I think it costs money to donate the food they throw away. One eqya of doing it is to incentivise these chains by offering them tax cuts if they do it much like how they get tax cuts for donating to charities. As long as it's legitimate and not scamming people, that feels like the only way, or the government itself has collection centres which cost next to nothing to get to for chains. People say we don;t need government but these private chains will; eat us alive without anyone regulating them. They know how to manipulate us and maximize profits. They'll make slaves out of people before they realize it

“Best before” and “Expires on” aren’t the same thing though. “Best before” on biscuits doesn’t mean much. But don’t you dare drink milk after it’s “Expires on” date. I’ve made that mistake by accident. 


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