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I remember one man who would once a year personally see through the process of donating all of their unsold food for that day. He lamented that it's very expensive and the infrastructure and logistics involved (where to bring it to reach the most people/where it will be stored/who will distribute/how to pay for it etc) make it essentially impossible to do on a daily basis for any but the smallest of food distributors (like a small bakery for instance).

For this to work, especially as far as most produce is concerned, there'd need to be established distribution centers with the financial onus not being entirely on the private businesses themselves, and they'd need to be large enough to handle and distribute that food before it expired. It's a bit like how we can all put our recyclables into the recycle bin, but an enormous amount of it winds up in the dump anyway as we don't have the facilities to actually process 100% of the recycalables that are sent in.