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loy310 said:
Intrinsic said:
Welcome to the last 3 years.

I dont think spiderman is confirmed to be for june though..... unless i missed something.

More like last 2 years. This is the typical for PS consoles since ps1.When content start dropping faster than you can keep up you just know Sony getting ready to launch a new console.

When everybody else is drying up sony accelerates to the finish, for them its always been a sprint then a race to finish. Best way in my opnion, casue it keeps players engaged just as the new gen is being announced. No better feeling than playing the best game of last gen (The Last of Us) just months before the PS4 launched, its like the fun never ends.

These last 2 years should see some of their best content by far.

Funny enough, TLOU2 may just very well release under a year from tbe PS5 launch. Almost a full generation away from the first part.