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One of the most successful sand box games of all time, GTA has come a long way. From the top down machine gun blasting, mayhem building gameplay to the sleek third person action movie style adventure that we have today. 

GTA 5 was released way back in 2013 (2014 on PS4/XBOX1). Building upon a beautiful next Gen engine, GTA then proceeded to do something that not too many other developers have done. Instead of going for the all to often regular NEXT GAME IN THE FRANCHISE route, GTA went on to release several content  packs, ranging from Beach Bum pack/ Doomsday Heist/ Lowriders and many others.

Compared to other games that release a new game in the franchise almost annually, IE - FIFA, NBA2K, Need For Speed, Madden, Call Of Duty and others.

Rockstar has in essence released 1 game that has lasted over 5 years with continued DLC packs. Has GTA 5 perfected the way DLC should be handled ?