Nuvendil said:

Meanwhile, at Sudio Wild Card

Seriously, this should have been taken care of ages ago.  The UE4 Switch support updates went out over a YEAR AGO.  But here we have a plucky indie dev and their small time porting studio partner beating one of the wealthiest and most influential Japanese publishers to the punch with a game that gives the PS4 and Xbone a run for their money.  


This is a display of frankly hilariously sad incompetence.

I'm not trying to say I know much of anything on this topic, so apologies if I'm wrong. But don't you think it's a little ... ehh ... convenient ... that just about every time someone has an issue with a third party company on the Switch the conclusion is always incompetence? That seems to be the leap in logic made almost every time, and yet I don't think it's fair to make that conclusion about so many developers. The studio that develops Ark is far from small, and not only that, but they were developing a mobile port for who knows how long (probably before the Switch version, which makes it convenient to make a Switch port). I understand that Square Enix is bigger, but realistically speaking, they've already made most of their money off Dragon Quest; which unlike Ark Survival Evolved is not a "platform" title in the sense that it doesn't live on like Minecraft or Ark. It could even be that in reality, the amount of resources being located to Ark Survival Evolved on mobile and Switch is similar to that of a single Switch port for a triple A game like Dragon Quest. Not to mention Ark's developers are hardly praise worthy when it comes to stability and the Switch version will probably come out buggy, glitchy, and messy. I'm sure if the standards were the same you'd be getting Dragon Quest 11 a lot faster, too. 

I get the frustration and I'm probably wrong admittedly. But it just seems all too convenient to chock everything up to laziness or incompetence.