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I wish I wasn't so tired. Have lots to say on this, Ah, well. I'll keep it short. He posted $50,000 bail, and another $25,000 for one of his friends. AFAIK, out of the mob that accompanied him, only he and his friend who threw the second chair appeared in court today. He's already back in Ireland most likely. Glad Ragin' Al is getting the title shot. He's really grown on me in recent months. Conversely, Nurmagomedov, who has been my favorite fighter since I first saw him fight in Jan 2012, has come out of this with some stink on him. Him and his crew fucking with Lobov in the hotel lobby when they had him outnumbered 6 or 7-1 is weak. But what really got me was hearing that Lobov had to be relocated from that same hotel because he kept receiving harassing and threatening phone calls from Khabib and his goon squad. Now, I haven't verified this, but IF that's true, I'll lose some respect for Khabib to be sure. Conor was a total fucking idiot for handling this the way he did, but Khabib & co were stirring up more shit than they should have been.


-edit. Just for the sake of accuracy, there was never a warrant out for Conor's arrest, despite Dana repeating the line in several interviews.

Last edited by COKTOE - on 06 April 2018

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