Jaicee said:
Megiddo said:

No, I'm showing what a failure U.S. intervention has had in the Middle East. Something that you have not acknowledged.

In case you do not understand that was a failure, I invite you to read and study a bit.


We armed rebels who were fighting against the Soviets. They then used the US training, weapons, and money given to them to become one of history's deadliest terroist organizations.

I believe you're doing some rhetorical gymnastics here to avoid addressing the specific situation that I've highlighted in the OP. We can talk about the immorality of American imperialism in the abstract all day long, but doing so will not stop an indisputably progressive army in Syria that cannot survive without some measure of foreign aid from being crushed and drowned in blood by various Russian-backed police states, now will it? You can comfortably deal in the abstract from the other side of the globe. I think the people on the ground prefer the concrete.

Moralizing about the impure motives of the American government won't help the Kurdish people on the battlefield. It won't save their lives or the territories they have liberated. You know good and well that there is no comparison between what these fighters stand for (participatory democracy, communalism, secularism, feminism, etc.) and what the Islamic Mujahadeen in Afghanistan stood for in their fight against egalitarian land redistribution and subsequent Soviet military occupation. I would prefer that my intelligence not be insulted by such disingenuous comparisons as that.

Amazing! The feminist, communist, atheist, non cis-gendered moderate rebels.

Kurds lived peacefully under Assad's Syria - no need for another violent regime change attempt in the Middle East.