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I'm definitely not. I wouldn't talk to my parents about sex, but that's just because I have a lot of trouble talking with people that aren't in my age range, and even then I can have troubles with it. But, I've talked about sex and stuff with friends in public before, so... Eh?

Hell, back in like 2016, I was texting a girl I had a crush on about how her day was going, and how she had drunk something her brother made, and how it was really gross. I said "Plot twist: He put his semen in it". Not only does this confirm my perverted nature, but also my autism.

She responded with "Lol, semen would probably taste way better than that", which only further cemented my affection towards her.

I'd share the messages, but I deleted the logs with her after a bunch of stuff went down with her... 

lol signatues