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We played Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, and we know its release date. The May issue of Game Informer is loaded with new details about the wall crawler's highly anticipated return to video games. Our hands-on impressions reveal what you can expect from the open world – the missions, side activities, collectibles, and more. We also dive deep into the web-swinging controls, combat complexity, and surprisingly deep upgrade paths, which include suit crafting.

We spent two days in Insomniac's studio learning about the development team's vision for Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. The team said the best Spider-Man stories are when Spider-Man and Peter Parker's worlds collide. That's exactly what they want to achieve with this game.

Our 14-page article features new screenshots, concept art, and details from Insomniac’s creative director Bryan Intihar, game director Ryan Smith, art director Jacinda Chew, lead writer Jon Paquette, and more. We take you through the opening of the game, the first mission, and plenty of open-world exploration. We also reveal the names of villains you may or may not know.

The issue's cover features custom artwork by famed painter Alex Ross. You can take a closer look at the full cover by clicking the image below:

Beginning tomorrow, Game Informer’s website kicks off a full month of additional Spider-Man coverage, including gameplay footage that shows off the open world and combat. You may even see Spider-Man wearing different suits. In the days that follow, we'll take you inside Insomniac’s studio for interviews with the developers and the actor who voices Spider-Man.

Releasing September 7th, Special Editions and DLC announced:

Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99/CDN $99.99/€79.99):

Collector's Edition ($149.99/CDN $199.99):

The Digital Deluxe edition of the game (US $79.99 / CDN $99.99 MSRP) will include a copy of the game as well as new story chapters with our post-launch DLC series – Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. That’s right, we’ll be supporting the game post-launch and you’ll be getting three new chapters each with new missions, new villains and characters, and additional suits for Spider-Man. More details on that a bit later down the road.

Last edited by poklane - on 04 April 2018