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'run government like an efficient business' -
in my three year experience working with major coorperations, terrifyingly few of them are effeciently, let alone proffessionally run.

Most of them seem to be mainly run by crippingly insecure people, who get their little power trips by trying to control and boss around everyone around them, with little to no actual oversight or planning involved.
Then any good Idea they ever have get's discussed in a multitude of meetings with equally insecure people. all striving to dominate each other, until it is diluted down to the most boringly commom denominator, and becomes barely reconizable shell of itself.

While it is a pretty mortifying, growing up and realizing that basically everyone is just winging it and that a large amount of the people running this shit are morons, it's also a little comforting to know that you're not the only person winging it.

Anyways, running a government like any business sounds terrifying to me.