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a lot of opinions pretty much from the game release has been the same. the game is pretty overrated


from my point of view. the game was smaller than san andreas, had a weaker overall single player than san andreas, you couldn't do as many things as san andreas, lacked good driving and had less cars and exotic vehicles like andreas

it also lacked the variety in the enviroment that san andreas had. it feels like it was made before san andreas except for the graphics ofcourse. and the driving is worse


I can't understand it to this day. I still think its a fantastic game but I was disappointed by it back in the day. I put some 300-500 hours in S.A if not more. and I only put 30 in 4. because there isn't nearly as much to do there


it was just infact. less of a game than San andreas in every measurable way except graphics. and it has less character than vice city as it was merely a generic photorealistic looking game.