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already over 350k. gonna be at half mill for preorders , I really want this game to sell more than anything because am 100% sure this game will be one of the best games ever made.

its entirely possible the game sells a million or even over a million copies Day 1 release. as it will release world wide on World Weed day aka blaze'o clock 


I don't think any game playstation ever made has this much work done into it in both gameplay and story. emphasis on both personally while uncharted and TLU had great stories their gameplay wasn't on par with the story to be nice about it. 


the gameplay looks amazing and the story looks like its going to be what GoW needs. with the current news that its going to be sort of semi-open world (areas with hubs like bloodborne but probably less open world as told by Cory himself a while back) which is in my opinion perfect for these kinds of games.


its been in development for over 4 years and its time for it to pay off. I usually don't care about the big sony titles sales but rather about the smaller ones. but this one I want to take it home and be as successful as it can be. 


while its ridiculous for me to call the game a masterpiece before it releases I just have a feeling this one will be. I don't get often excited for games, that only happened with Dark Souls 2 because DS1 was my favorite game of all time and now this is like the same feeling