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I honestly can't believe I survived, thank you guys. This round is another tough one. I can now say for sure that these 2 semifinals were the toughest of this competition... like ever.

I would like to give each one 4p in this round, from the bottom of my heart. But let's go:

4p Axumblade (gets sexier and sexier each year)
3p AchangelMadzz (looks like a model, could use any style and still look this great)
2p Nymeria (same for Nymeria, she looks stunning at either classic lady style or gym style, this is not easy to pull)
1p Flilix (so cute, but at the same time the photo gives me some serious/seductive vibes. Really awesome)

Bet with Teeqoz for 2 weeks of avatar and sig control that Super Mario Odyssey would ship more than 7m on its first 2 months. The game shipped 9.07m, so I won