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Depends on what you define as prude. I wouldn't say I am, but I'm also not crazy about sexual content and nudity.

Like on the one hand, I can live without you schwinging your sunburned and shriveled 80-year old dick around in front of me, thank you very much. But on the other I'm also not scandalized by nudity or find it to be anything extraordinary. I know some people are offended by nursing moms for example, and I just don't get that.
(I'm also not offended by 80-year old dick, but given the choice, I'd look the other way.)

That being said, I'm only confortable with people close to me seeing me naked. My family are all fucking hippies though (at least at heart), so they all walk around each other naked and don't give a danm.

When it comes to sexulization, I find most of it funny and almost none of it sexy, but that's to be expected I guess, I'm not the target audience in most cases.

I find most straight porn slightly depressing because almost none of the women look like they're actually having fun or have any pleasure from it at all. A lot of it is very...mechanic, I guess. Again, I realize I'm not neccessarily the target audience. I find most softcore hollywood sex scenes more sexy just because of superior direction and camera work. There's very few porn out there that nails intemacy imho and I don't think I've seen any straight porn that does at all.