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Jurassic World: Evolution, a park simulation/management game developed by Frontier Development (Planet Coaster) will be releasing June 12th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Below are a few clips on gameplay.

22 min demo:


55 min user gameplay:











Source: DSOG (Screens) -


Also to note, mod support for the PC version will not be made available at launch. Hopefully it will be added in sometime this year though. The PC version also supports both gamepad and K+M input, so you are able to switch between either input at your own leisure. 


I forgot to mention, when you go to capture a dino running amok, you get to go into a first person mode via the helicopter to tranquilize the dinosaur (pretty nice feature).


I've had fun with Planet Coaster (which had a new movie prop content drop the other day), and I can say I've been looking forward to a Jurassic Park sim game for years. Can't wait to give it a spin and totally not let out the T-Rex now and then

Last edited by Chazore - on 29 March 2018