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Cool! Now I figure out how switch sales will be in Japan when animal crossing and pokemon launch.

Famitsu has just reported its latest hardware sales figures from Japan. For the week of March 19, sales tracking data has Switch at another 52,000 units sold. Total sales are at 4,037,144 units.

Famitsu reports that with that figure, Switch has surpassed four million units sold in Japan. The milestone was reached 56 weeks into the system’s lifespan.

Switch is also on a similar pace as Wii. With Wii, the console sold over four million units by its 54th week. 

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The Nintendo Switch has sold over 4 million units in Japan.

As is it has surpassed lifetime sales of the Nintendo GameCube in the region (4.04m) next is the Nintendo 64 (5.54m)


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