John2290 said:
CaptainExplosion said:

I think of him as just a douche.

He's the most honest game reviewer there is. 2 million people will take his advice and critique very seriously because of that honesty. Why are you defending a company that charges full price for a game that was obviously designed as an indie, niche market only to be pushed to 60 dollars/70 euro because of the attention it garnered. His review is honest whether you think he's a douche or not is regardless.

I think they probably knew the game isnt worth 60 dollars, but they wanted to market gamepass and they succeeded. Even when people know that the game is shallow they will try it on gamepass. People criticising the game not being worth 60 dollars and being shallow actually made them feel that Gamepass is more worth, because they dont lose any money trying games they might not like.