pokoko said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
I would hope NMS had more content, it was a single player game, despite what Sean said it would be. Imagine if SoT had no multiplayer, lol.

Actually, I would hope the game developed by a large studio over several years, with a large budget and state of the art facilities, would have at least as much content as an indie game developed by a handful of people. 

Either way, it's not a comparison that puts Rare in a good light.

So you have official numbers on how many employees are at Rare, how many of them worked on SoT, and how big the budget is? Please share your sources, would make for interesting reads, thanks!

NMS = SP game with randomly generated worlds using shared assets. SoT = essentially a pirate themed MMO. It’s a stupid comparison to begin with, NMS was literally designed to have endless content, which was part of its problem imho. Please tell us how you’d think a multiplayer shared world game should have as much content as a game designed to generate an endless amount of planets and animals. 

Let me make it clear though, I’m not a SoT apologist. I got it in a GamePass sub I already had, and would not have paid $60 after what I saw during the betas. It has too little content and too high a price.