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TheBlackNaruto said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:

PS4 has dominated WW the last 4-5 years, Switch is altering the trajectory a bit. Not sure what's odd about that...

Yeah but that has been the case since the Switch has came out which was a year ago. So to pick this week to say PS4 leading WW but not dominating just seemed......well random. Again especially since no one had said anything about it dominating. Again i was not attacking you or anything it just seemed a little odd to me when I saw it that's all.

PS4 has a huge established user-base approaching 80 million compared to 16 million and is consistently outselling the Switch on a month by month basis and at this point we don't know which console will slow first but the gap between them currently is increasing slowly and favouring the ps4. 

However we don't know how Nintendo will pursue sales as the console matures. They pretty much didn't bother with the wii u holding it at a high retail price to the end with a drastic reduction in console sales, a nosedive. Will Nintendo be more aggressive with pricing this time or will they be happy to maintain a very high profit margin but lower hardware sales? Will online charges effect sales? Will nvidia prevent a price reduction? Will a portable hybrid competitor materialise from Sony or Microsoft?

It's going to be interesting to watch it unfold anyway. Currently though it feels like ps4 is dominating but then I am viewing it from a European perspective.