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When it comes to story in games, I very much prefer the stories that take advantage of the medium, like the Mass Effect Trilogy, the first Bioshock, Fire Emblem Awakening, and the Telltale games. Games that merely attempt to ape movies, like Uncharted, really just bring into focus how much better movies with similar stories are, like Raiders of the Lost Ark. When the gameplay is also just ok, the story doesn't help the game. Telltale's games, while the gameplay sections are terrible, are basically interactive stories, where the player's decisions have subtle effects on how characters respond to you. Mass Effect truly becomes your story. Bioshock is a fascinating commentary on the nature of videogame stories. While seemingly simpler than other Fire Emblems, Fire Emblem Awakening's story meshes perfectly with its various systems. The theme of bonds between the characters which permeates the story makes the pair-up, support, marriage, and children systems much more worthwhile, and gives the permadeath system more punch. The story makes the gameplay better and vice versa.