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what kind of "work in progress" crew makes art and details that do not make the final version

doesn't it make more sense to start with a prototype then add the necessary details?. we're just making games pretty for the section of the demo. this isn't work in progress crap. it takes work to make the games look this nice and detailed

the developer doesn't get pregnant with a game and somehow start chunking down stuff from it after its born. they put in the work to make it look nice


kind of a nonsensical argument really. movie cut some parts after cinema release because they often don't meet quality standards. and again they add them in blu ray releases if there is nothing wrong with them.

they aren't idiotic. they have development kits to know if the game will run or not on the hardware they have. and often times we get shown a game that is supposedly being run on that hardware.  two things are the only expalantion

1) it costs too much money to make the entire game look that nice and so they just have a vertical slice that they show for the demo that looks that way


2) the system can't run any sort of graphics that looks like that. and its being on on a highly equipped computer and a special build that the consoles and an average gaming pc can't run.


gotta say honestly thats quite an underwhealming and downright pathetic  argument . the computer isn't some godly sentient machine that just makes a game out of thin air and we have a bunch of nerds sitting at desks caring at it to make it low enough for us to run. they make that detail. 


it costs less money to undershoot and then improve. not spend more time and money to overshoot and then carve away at it. 

Last edited by MasterThief - on 23 March 2018