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Flouff said:
I hope SoT is not the first example of the new strategy of Microsoft, which will lead to the same results for every new game. Because with games avalaible day one with a 10$/euros subscription on game with pass,there will only be games as a service in the future, just like SoT. So only one kind of games with different settings, digital multiplayer only, and finaly microtransactions, only way to make money out of the games.

It's the model they wanted to begin with.  Ex Lionhead employees said there was a mandate from Microsoft for every studio to produce a "games as a service" title.  It was going to get a huge push with the XO, though different events seemed to have delayed it until now.  I think we can count on more shallow releases with content added over time.  The goal is to keep people subscribed and tethered to your ecosystem while presenting a large array of additional sources of revenue, like microtransactions, that fall under the revered "impulse buy" category.