This is definitely worthy of it's own thread in my opinion. I'm likely to go with 'Give me balanced experience' to begin with. What about you?:

Before starting, a player has to decide how demanding the game should be.

God of War’s four difficulty settings includes one that it is so intense that it has a separate save and can’t be changed after the game is started in that mode. It allows players to play the most challenging mode without having to sacrifice to play through the game’s other difficulties, which includes one that is meant to essentially covey the story.

And that fourth, hardest setting isn’t simply an algorithmic increase in difficulty, God of War creative director Cory Barlog says. “We did a ton of stuff to make it a genuine challenge, not a cynical increase. Enemies are all changed up. We changed the attack patterns of things; it’s hugely different.”

The decision to include the easiest setting, which is called Story Mode, was meant to appeal to players who just want to enjoy the world and “not get beat up every two seconds,” Barlog says.

And once players finish the game, no matter what difficulty they’re playing, they can keep playing the game, continue to experience the world that they likely haven’t fully examined.

“Give Me God Of War is for those who want the game as difficult as possible, requiring god-like reflexes and strategy”


The other difficulty modes on offer are “Give Me A Story, “Give Me A Balanced Experience” and “Give Me A Challenge”. Given I was playing on the Balanced Experience option, and still died several times, I am in fear to think what “Give Me God of War” difficulty would feel like.
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