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Mar1217 said:
melbye said:
From Nintendo i expect Retro's new game and Pikmin 4. I also think there is a big chance that Nintendo will announce Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. As for other publisher i think we are going to get Splinter Cell, Resident Evil 2, DMC5 and of course Sony will announce something. Wouldn't be surprised if Guerilla was developing a new Killzone alongside Horizon

Actually, it's Guerilla Cambridge that produced the last Killzone aaannnd it got shut down, so I don't think we'll hear from them soon. (Which is sad cuz Killzone 2/3 were my fav sci-fi shooters from last gen)


Anywooo, I think we'll see this at E3. (No order) These are early predictions

The obvious :

- Fire Emblem Switch

- Super Smash Bros

- Metroid Prime 4

- Bayonetta 3

- Yoshi (2018)

- Mario Tennis Aces

- Octopath Traveler

- Splatoon 2 Expansion

- Some 3DS stuff (HAHA SUCKERS !)

The unknown :

- Animal Crossing (Finally ...)

- Retro Studio's game

- Pikmin 4 (or was it Hey Pikmin that Miyamoto was talking about ...)

- Pokémon (Gen 8, Remake or Reboot ?)

- DQXI release date ?

- Spot for ''the game nobody saw coming is coming on Switch !!''

- Xenoblade X port for 2019 ??

The ''we never know'' :

- Monolith Soft new project

- A new Kirby game (lol)

- Insert ''Any 3rd Party exclusive''

Shadowfall was made bu Guerilla proper.