BlackBeauty said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Ehhhhh .... not really.

Despite the fact that Pokemon Sun and Moon are literally the fastest selling games for Nintendo ever in the U.S. and Europe they are both expected to sell around the same amount of units as you'd expect from a Pokemon title. Of course, I think they would have sold about 2-3 million more than X and Y had Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon not come out ... but even then that was with a huge marketing push from a new mobile game, and X and Y was ALSO one of if not the fastest selling Pokemon game before that too ... just like how Kirby saw a gradual increase in appeal with Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot.

In other words, it just seems like consistency in people buying games faster than before, and gradual increases in total sales. I do think that Pokemon Switch will have an increase in sales regardless, but it's not going to automatically be a monster if an article comes out saying that it's the fastest selling Pokemon in X and Y region. 



Pokémon X&Y were the first global launch of a Pokémon game.

Sun & Moon sales got dragged down by japan. 

Triple Deluxe and Robobot were only 40$ on a huge install base. 

This is the switch power doing work. Pokémon will be no exception.


Sun and Moon sales did not get "dragged down" by Japan and even if it did I'm talking about sales headlines pertaining to specific countries in relation to total sales and speed of sales .. not just total lifetime sales. I also was iffy about using X and Y for a number of reasons anyways which is why I wrote that in such a way. 


Most of these counter points are just a way of trying to legitimize how impressive this is without addressing what I'm actually saying. Also none of it proves i'm "wrong" because I never said or meant to say Switch isn't a contributing factor...