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well. Japan is a shell of its former self when it comes to video games.


not developers that is. but the players. it became a very casual environment. games don't sell well  anymore. even good ones and Japanese developers are selling even hard core japanese games better in west than there. these strange generc names games with "robot wars" etc are some games of popular animes and what not.


Japan developers are still the best in the world. 


I would guess they pour their money into phone games anime and hentai in these generation.  


I think 1 or two ps4 games sold more than a million in Japan. which isn't a lot by any standard. and  while switch is selling well over there the software sales aren't that insane. the top ones am assuming are often bundled with the console. 


probably has to do with the fact that during the PS3 generation a lot of devs stopped making old JRPG classics  or something and alienated fanbase 

Last edited by MasterThief - on 14 March 2018