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I can actually say for certain this nonsense isn't true. Hell, I can even say I have proof.

Over here in the carribeans, and in pretty much all of africa or any other part of the world where the playstation isnt offixially beimg supported. We all buy digital.

Why? because its cheaper.

We buy oir consoles from NA or EU. But its cheaper to use oir cards to go to a site like PC game supply and buy PSN cards and use those tp load our qallets and buy games than to buy thw stupidly expensive games from stores over here with their extremely limited selection of games.

Now remember that the PS4 is globally the better selling console. By far. I can't imagine how with the bulk of the ROTW sales being digital for the PS4 the XB1 would still somehow sell better digitally.

To further prove my point, in the last 4 years, since the PS4 launched, I've not seen a single physical game (outside fifa and cod that i see for sale for around $130 in the local agores here). Not one. Never even held the box of a ps4 physical game.