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Naaa, it's the just the natural conclusion that was inevitable from many many years of the other platform selling more software when selling software became the go to 'dig' against Playsation 3 from 360 owners. There then had to be some way of retaining the narrative. When everything is going against you (for some silly war), you grasp onto anything you can. Similar to how the exclusive argument has now miraculously changed form. There onto a better misdirection with this one though because when it's proven wrong, as it inevitably will be, the argument will shift from the number of sales to a percentage ratio in the hope they'll be able to cherry pick certain titles to create a 'win'. That will last for a little while until people can be bothered to use the same method to show how certain titles sell more numbers AND percentage sales on the PS4.

... And then we'll likely be back to the 'bundled' argument again. It's so much fun ... The problem with this is it could backfire because MS made a habit of bundling digital versions of games and I'm sure some people may point that out. They'll also likely point out that PC doesn't count if we're talking about consoles so those digital sales will have to be removed. I think I've more or less covered the next year or so. I'm done. 

Last edited by GribbleGrunger - on 13 March 2018


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