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It looks like i am the only person on the planet who not only dislikes smash but really hates it.

I have tried it on my 64, GC and on my WiiU but it never clicked. I just bought Ryu to play with "standard" controlls. I am really bad at it and i really cant do anyrhing with that. 3 tries should be enough to tell that i cant play that game.

Now to the direct. Luigis mansion 3ds. I dont have a 3ds. Sushi mushi game. Not for me. Aces, maybe i will try it. Splatoon is nothing for me. South park played already. Okami played already. No More Heroes is not what i thought it would be. Dark souls played already.

2 games for me or 3. Maybe south park double dip+aces and for sure octopath. Since i hate smash. What left?

We will have FE in November and smash in September i guess or reverse. 2017 was the greatest line up of all time. I ADORE Zelda. I like Mario. I got both. That was the year of Dreams for me. But the 2018 line up is so weak for me. I think my switch will stay in my Basement until 2019.

If Metroid, PKMN and Bayo 3 will be shown at E3 and at least one of them will be a 2018 title i will take everything back but so far i rated the direct with 2 points for 2 games which were on my radar.

Anyone else feels that way?