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ResidentToxy said:
Seventizz said:

Cuphead and Ori are big Xbox hits, fyi.  Do you have a source that Xbox users are ‘hit or miss’ with platformers?  Also, I’ve never purchased a sports game and I don’t see many of my friend’s feeds buy them either.  Got a source for your claim there too?

Just look at the sales for Xbox One games on this site. I figure that on a sales website, you would be able to easily access sales numbers. 
Cuphead and Ori are exceptions to the rule. I never said that every platformer crashes and burns on the Xbox. It is common knowledge that platformers are far more successful on both Sony and Nintendo consoles. You and your friends do not account for the majority of Xbox users, your example is purely anecdotal and does not account for the multitude of Xbox users. 

A quick Google search outside of this website and surely you will find that platformers, for the most part, are not usually big on Xbox consoles. Better yet, just look at the sales on this website.

I would not call those exception to the rule. The xbox has had almost nothing of worthwhile exclusive content, they where hungry and that's all they had. 

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