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John Oliver beats the, all Nd I don't see his name here. Unlike all the other hosts who go after trendy topics day in and day out he talks about real issues and has at times caused people to rise up and do something about shitty situations they weren't even aware was so shitty at all. He highlights refined issues in the society unlike regurgitating what everyone else is saying. He also gives the middle finger to ass hats who think they are above it all like the coal miners the NBA etc. He informs and entertains and has a lot of nuance in what he does plus his description of countries and personalities is just hilarious. He has his own unique style which is always refreshing. I mean I'm not going to get tired of him or Conan but the rest are getting sort of repetitive with the Drumpf stuff the quantity is increasing but the quality is just not there. Drumpf has made them all lazy

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also