abronn627 said:
Rafie said:
I'm surprised at some of the 10s I see. Definitely not trying to hate, but most of the stuff shown were ports. Had that been the other guys, most of you would be vocal and giving lower scores. It's cool though. I get the excitement. I scored this 7.5.

While I'm excited for certain games like Crash and Smash making the jump to Switch, I still felt something was missing. I would have loved a Virtual Console announcement. That would have set it off. I wonder why we haven't gotten that yet. Also I wish Luigi's Haunted Mansion was remade for the Switch, instead of the 3DS. Those are just my gripes. Overall, still a great Direct. Just not a perfect 10.

I have been holding on buying specifics games that were announced today because at the time of release I didn’t had the budget or because my time was limited. The Switch portable aspect has gave me more time to play in the last year than my total play time on PS4 and XB1, so it might be ports, but I can now enjoy them when it was not possible before.

I think that’s the main reasons why some people don’t care for ports and liked this direct, like I did.

Till end of July, there’s enough content for me to last till 2019.

That does make sense.  I do know for some of the folks...the owned the games on Wii U. But that really doesn't matter. I've been holding back from buying certain games like Toad's Adventure and...gulp...Splatoon. I finally picked up Splatoon 2 for the Switch. SUPER AWESOME game.

Oh and I agree about having enough games already to start 2018 til finish. This isn't even E3 and its already hype. Nintendo really kicked it up. They're not playing around with these games at all. I'm very impressed and I'm a very proud Switch owner.

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