Portmaggedon but I'm happy with whats coming. At least we're getting quality ports.
Holding out on Southpark payed off in the end, although I was hoping for a Bayonetta type deal that had the original included. With Okami HD, everthing is now right in the world again. Dark Souls Is Dark Souls, but that Amiibo is hilarious. Also UNDERTALE. :D

Octopath and Mario Tennis Aces continue to look great and Detective Pikachu is SO up my alley it's ridiculous. Also LUIGIS MASION. :D

The Splatoon Octo expansion looks great and that trailer for it was cool af. Also SMASH. :D

Captain Toad makes me a little sad for the WiiU as the last of it's great exclusives are bleeding out and rising again on the Switch. Also Pikmin 4 continues to be MIA.