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LipeJJ said:
Sunstrider said:


So you expect them to announce/reveal footage of Bayonetta 3, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Metroid Prime 4, SMT V, Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing and Pokémon? It would be mindblowing if it happened at E3... on this direct half of those are impossible and the rest is unlikely.

Well, a lot of these are wishful thinking (did you see a Suikoden 2 somewhere?), many I took from rumors last year(and some from yesterday's rumor), and some are from ones coming soon, but who knows, I might surprise myself from being too wrong/correct alike. Anyways, I just take this prediction things as a game, not even getting my hopes up on a lot of these(unless I get a Suikoden announcement, did I mention that somewhere?) .


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