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DonFerrari said:
Nymeria said:

1. Yes. The data is freely available. We spend double per person compared to nations of comparable care. Even projections made by both sides have stated medicare for all would be less of a burden on the economy than the current system.  We would save an estimated 100-300 billion a year depending on study you consult.

If people want private healthcare I am open to a compromise of a mixed system where medicare exists for majority, not just the elderly.  

This argument is based on a poor government which is an issue that infects every aspect of public life.  We see corruption in defense spending on a massive scale.  Do we privatize defense? No. Our focus should be on improving and holding people accountable rather than shifting the trust to private sector which has as bad or worse track record with corruption.

I think we are reaching a middle ground and understand how personal views can shape broader topics.

2. I'll compare the US to the EU then in terms of size and population if a singular country doesn't suffice.  I think we can learn from them in terms of what they do better or worse than us.  The US is a great place to live, I think it could be better and has become better over the past 200 years for more and more of its people.  the second amendment was around when most people couldn't vote, when many were in chains or segregated or discriminated against.   Our positive changes have come from protests and changing hearts and minds, not from forcing a government out an installing a new one.

The drug issue is a separate one, but in my community it came from corrupt companies preying on people and over prescribing opioids which is destroying thousands of lives every year.  We could pass legislation making them harder to prescribe and could open clinics to rehabilitate people rather than punish them.  We could also allow cannabis to be legal moving resources away from a mild drug to allow focus on harder ones. Our current failings do not determine our future, we can do better as the policies of the past thirty years have clearly been a failure.

1 - We have available data on the expenditure, not on the cost structure (those aren't released data) to affirm the origin of the higher cost on USA healthcare.

Sure private company are corrupt, but if they don't have the government to protect they or to pay for politicians to help keep high margin, the price of their products go down hard.

2 - I'm not talking about legal drugs, I'm talking about USA fighting against Drugsm as they fought against alcohol before... their total incapacity to do that would lead credentials to their inability to prevent guns on the US. 

1 - Simply put 1:1 we pay more for everything. Something as simple as a hospital gown or an IV is far more expensive in the US than other countries. We do this because we have a weaker bargaining position.

Which is why I want money out of politics. I want the state to answer to the people, not the powerful.

2 - Legal opioids lead to spikes in heroine use in communities.  We didn't have the level of heroine use a decade ago, pretty clear correlation.  I stated we focus way too much on illegal cannabis, making it legal would shift focus to cocaine or meth which create real problems. I also stated rehabilitation over punishment because our failure means we should change tactics as continuing to do so and expecting different results is insanity.