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zorg1000 said:
Harkins1721 said:

And yet they still seem to half ass things. Its a cheap product that's overpriced. Nintendo has some terrible idea's so that doesnt help. This just seems like another one. 


No. Im 25. 

So my original argument was right. Labo is aimed specifically at kids and parents so you want it to fail for the sole reason of it not being aimed directly at you.

Its really not overpriced, since you're not a parent im assuming that you dont really keep up on prices of toys/games/crafts for kids. Labo is priced in the same range as many other S.T.E.M. sets.

Which I said from the beginning. Even being aimed at kids its just cheap. I want it to fail because I think its dumb for anyone and as ive stated if it doesnt and it proves well good for Nintendo. I just dont see it happening. And it being forgotten quite quick. 

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