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Nymeria said:
DonFerrari said:

1 - So you think that paying a overhead with its administrative cost is less expensive than paying straight? You do now that X+Y is greater than Y if both are positive numbers right?

A lot of people are simply ill informed and will ask for things they don't comprehend, so yes there will be people asking for "free stuff" and more government.

2 - I didn't say that population having ARs is what prevents a tyrannical government, I said that is what the second amendment is based upon, to fight your own government, so if they can have access to gun the population can as well.

1 - There is plenty of data that shows when you negotiate in mass you get lower prices on products such as medicine.  I also think when profit is removed from the equation you aren't subsidizing an insurance industry it reduces costs.  If you can show me a comparable nation to the US that spends more on healthcare I'd be interested to see it.

I never said it was free. It is an allocation of resources investing in your citizenry so they don't go bankrupt, or have to beg on GoFundMe or are significantly economically impacted by an illness or accident.  I'd even gladly spend more in taxes than I do in insurance, co-pays and deductibles simply to remove the fear in my life and so many others that our system brings.

2 - Are you saying if the government has a weapon then the second amendment makes it a right of every American to purchase said weapon?

1 - Mass negotiation is different than the full government administration on healthcare. The government may not be doing profit like corporations, but employees will still make money comparable to private sector, if not they would move to there, and plus the overhead of the government doing it itself.

You would pay more taxes because you prefer the government to administrate your money instead of yourself??? Them never complain how bad it administrate it and put resources on the wrong place.

2 - That is the justification of it when made. Was there any weapon restricted under 2nd amendment when it was created?

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