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Nymeria said:
DonFerrari said:

1 - It's cheaper to pay for your own medical care than to pay the government to do it, and people not being taxed could save that money

2 - Second amendment reason for creation is to fight the tyrannic government, so if they can have that gun so you should as well, unless you think it's possible for the population to defend against the government using only revolvers.

1 - That simply is not true. The US spends nearly twice what comparable nations do on healthcare.  Healthcare is profit motivated rather than a right that is served by the society.   The same medication I use in the US can be acquired in Canada for 70% less. Ask yourself why Americans want a different system, but no other country wants our system.

2 - I don't think the way a tyrannical government in the US would come into being would be swayed by 9MM or M-16s.  It's much easier to just keep us arguing and apathetic while they reap benefits than effort to forcible enslave us.  If they did want to roll up in tanks and the army didn't question it we are screwed.  People owning AR-15s is not what causes the US government to not go forward with an authoritarian state.

1 - So you think that paying a overhead with its administrative cost is less expensive than paying straight? You do now that X+Y is greater than Y if both are positive numbers right?

A lot of people are simply ill informed and will ask for things they don't comprehend, so yes there will be people asking for "free stuff" and more government.

2 - I didn't say that population having ARs is what prevents a tyrannical government, I said that is what the second amendment is based upon, to fight your own government, so if they can have access to gun the population can as well.

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