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Ljink96 said:
John2290 said:

I really hope you are under the age of 20 and you simply haven't gotten the breath of the last two decades fully because everything in the above post misses the mark and completely misjudges the problem. You even ignored half my post explaining this to you from an outsider looking in and instead went on to fill back in your own soon fed narrative I very much doubt you have taken the time to deconstruct and think on critically. If I misjudge I apologize, It just seems to be that is the case.

Nope, pretty sure I addressed everything you brought up. If you could please elaborate, how I "missed the mark" or "misjudged the problem" please, I'd enjoy that. Everything I've said can be proven factually, while everything you've said is all subjective. You ignored plenty of facts I provided, just to cover for trump and make it look like he isn't the current laughing stock of the US. I'm not going to support or defend sucha n awful admistration built on deception, lies, and lack of human understanding. I simply won't. Doesn't matter what you say to be honest. I know what basic morals to support and Trump is not someone I will ever support. Do your research on Trump, it's fairly simple, and if you conclude that he's worth of defense, God help you.

eva01beserk said:

Question, But how was education under obama? Dint it see rise the liberal arts and sociology degrees that have left its student in massive debt with no way of paying back since those degrees have no real market in society? Title IX pretty much drove most men out of college under obama and we now have 70% female college students. Like 60% of those titles earned have been those useless gender study degrees and other liberal arts like was said before, have the highest unemployment ratio of any other career. College debt at an all time high.

SO I really don't see how education was good under obama/democrats. If you really want change in the country, you need people to be able to do the change. To get those people you need a good college education, not kids going to waste time and money having fun and protesting. I cant remember correctly but trump I believe adressed this in some manner. 

Did you want Obama to magically wave a wand and make Education in America decent again? lol, especially with a republican house? Again Betsy Devos is garbage for US education for reasons you can hopefully look up, if not I can gladly list them off. But I won't go any futher, you're missing the fact that this is not one person's doing. Student debt isn't Obama's fault, lol. If anything we should be appreciative that education was even a priority of that administration rather than twitter feuds, walls, and lies. It was because of Obama's administration that I could even go to college and graduate this semester, so I'll go based off my own real life experience while others can regurgitate falsehoods. 

Nothing you can say can make me support, endorse, or defend such a shitty ass administration and president. So, yeah. 

I never claimed it was obama's fault. I asked how it was under him and the democratic party and what did he do. As far As Im aware, he directly enforced title IX which is the main driver of why male enrollment in college has been so low.

I cant say that under trumps administration that it will be any better, but they seem to at least addressed what I believe to be the issue. Poor choices and institutions pushing ideals instead of education. They probably don't plan to do anything about it just mention it that one time. But at least its a start that its ahead of the previous administration. 

At bold: No offence but this sounds to me like the opposite of what the left does. Blindly follow some speaker who claims some BS while calling others racist or what ever else. All protest I have seen follow that same protocol. 

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