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Ljink96 said:
John2290 said:

You look like a dumbass country to the rest of the world not because of Trump but because of your schools,n universities their faculty and students as well as these fringe leftist who go beyond the pale of absolute insanity. Countries infact have come up with there own words and terminologies outside of the US to describe these people in various langauges. Half of your media, the political opponents to the current government and even your comedians should be where to look if you want to find the reason as to why the world looks on in embarrassment and cringey shame and some with power hungry eyes and the division all this causes. Your absolute ignorance to support your leader at your own detriment. Trump may be a laugh and a half now and then but so has most of the presidents over the last three decades, we laughed and cringed, and looked on in anger much, much more when Billy Bush was in office, yet you all failed to see it. Trump isn't the problem, the people who make asses out of themselves and common sense are.

Lol, thank you for telling me my own problems in my country. But as I said, MORE THAN EVER the outside world is mocking us. They didn't dress up as Obama and act silly because Obama had class. Something Trump has and never will have. If we left education up to the right, our whole country would be pure dumbasses. Do you see the people who support Trump!? They can't even write a full sentence or do their own research. They don't care about education. Trump appointed someone head of education, who doesn't know shit about education. So don't try to blame Democrats solely on that. They didn't come up with the "No child left behind" program which literally left tons of children behind and bewildered. 

Comedians over here expose the truth, with actual facts to back them up. At least the ones I listen to. Most notably John Oliver. You can't argue with his facts, and its facts that Drumpf and the right don't like and don't believe in. They're afraid to even call lies as lies, they call them separate truths which is insane. Just check politifact. Trumps entire cabinet including the orange oompa loompa himself are bonafide liars. We laughed at Clinton for having an affair, we laugh at Bush for his stupidity, we didn't really laugh at Obama unless he was telling a joke because he embodied what it meant to be somewhat of a good citizen and human being. .

Now we have people who steal speeches and use them as their own and are just overall not genuine people. Other countries have their issues as well, but I won't go over those. But as far as I'm concerned and from people I know in Japan, and the Middle East and the North, we look like idiots and most of them point to trump for justification. There's no reason why America shouldn't be further ahead in education, etc. but we'd rather spend billions on weapons that would end the world, taking away health insurance and senior programs, and making the rich richer with silly ass tax plans. And Billy Bush was never the president of the US...

Question, But how was education under obama? Dint it see rise the liberal arts and sociology degrees that have left its student in massive debt with no way of paying back since those degrees have no real market in society? Title IX pretty much drove most men out of college under obama and we now have 70% female college students. Like 60% of those titles earned have been those useless gender study degrees and other liberal arts like was said before, have the highest unemployment ratio of any other career. College debt at an all time high.

SO I really don't see how education was good under obama/democrats. If you really want change in the country, you need people to be able to do the change. To get those people you need a good college education, not kids going to waste time and money having fun and protesting. I cant remember correctly but trump I believe adressed this in some manner. 

It takes genuine talent to see greatness in yourself despite your absence of genuine talent.