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deskpro2k3 said:

The people turn up to vote, and he lost the popular vote by over 3mil, but he still won. Only in Merica.

If you know how the voting works you wouldn't complain about it, because it wasn't made to favor Trump.

Hiku said:
epicurean said:

I try and resist thinking like that but its becomes quite difficult after a while. I'm a white, straight, Christian male. The left just continues to hammer over and over those groups. A lot of the attacks are accurate, but at some point you feel backed into a corner and want to lash out. That being said, I guess it does help to at least start to empathize with how some minorities were treated, and grouping people together.

Yeah, there's certainly blame to go around from every side of the spectrum as to why people start to sympathize with certain ideologies.
And not everyone is there because they were mislead, but what I always recommend, no matter what your views are, is to always question things, and always try to fact check from various different sources if it pertains to something that's important/serious.
But many people decide who they trust, and then don't question what they hear from them. Which can be dangerous in cases where that information wasn't accurate, and misinformation starts spreading.  Even in cases where you could have noticed that if you just took 2 minutes to actually read the article. (There are a few examples of this on this forum as well...)

We all have out differences. Many I can understand, even if I don't agree with them. Some I can never. But as long as people at least put some effort into staying properly informed, it's easier to respect that different opinion, and prevent spreading of misinformation.

As for empathizing with others, that's something that's different for everyone and many people can struggle with at times. Especially when you put someone else over yourself, and especially if it's in regards to something that negatively affected yourself or someone you know or care about.
I'm also a white straight male, and while I can also discuss social or cultural injustices that affect people like me, I'm often careful about not doing so while fueling a more sinister agenda. If the subject at hand is "white male was overlooked for job because company decided to hire a female for more diversity", if that's true then that is awful and needs to be highlighted. But if the forum, news site, or youtube channel where I'm discussing this info happens to have other articles/videos named "White people will soon become extinct in our own country", "communism is right around the corner", etc, then you know what?
Maybe I just won't voice my concern on that subject on that particular forum, and instead do it elsewhere, where I don't backhandedly fuel a different more sinister agenda that I'm not comfortable with.
Because white supremacists don't generally don't straight out proclaiming that they are white supremacists, or racists, etc. They focus on saying things like that. "We are the victims", etc.

And this goes back to how the media, government and law enforcement some times are afraid of saying certain things that should be said, because they're afraid that it's going to be used as ammo for extremist groups. And that sucks too. And that can cause people to sympathize with those extremist groups.
It's a vicious circle. And it's hard to find a simple answer to fix things.

Like a certain general when being named secretary had to not tell the truth to a democrat senator because he knew the lady didn't want the truth just wanted a reason to be offended... when she asked if he thought mixing women and men, gay and straight on the forefront of the army would be detrimental to the readiness of the army.

You could just read and interpret he was signalling there is statistic and studies showing that, but he was obligated to answer he wouldn't enforce any restriction unless he verified a case of lower grade of service due to a situation, because if he said a clear YES she would roll over.

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