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Intrinsic said:
Ljink96 said:

1) Yes...let's not pretend here.

2) Like I said, if that were true, the previous generations would not have formed the way they did.

3) Never said the Xbox One X will hold its own against the Next PS Console

4) Don't know why that's important to my OP

5) And yeah, maybe Microsoft is making their console based off of today's tech. But you don't develop a console in 1 year my guy, Switch started finalizing around 2014-2015 and the tech available then wasn't the same tech available today. There has to be a cutoff eventually. One that favors performance and price. Something Sony should know all too well. The PS3 had amazing and forward thinking tech, but it was expensive and nobody knew what the hell to do with it starting out. If you want the "Next Generation" in technology, there's going to be a price that comes with it. And I don't think Sony is willing to take that price hike, especially after bragging about their 399 price when Xbox One was 599, or bragging about 299. And I even said in my original post, the only way they would have industry leading chips and smaller dies is by making an expensive console, which is the problem.

And I'm done, nothing else here to see that actually tackles hardware cost and nothing I didn't know before. Just barely scratching the surface actually. And before asking not to attack someone else, maybe not do it yourself? lol, come on. You basically called me stupid in your other post. 

I gave you options, you are free to pick whichever one you want.

I however can see you don,t really intend on having a meaningful conversation; easy to tell when ones approach to discussions is being dismissive. 

There is so much you are wong on though.... but you'll see. In a couple of years.

lol, okay.